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Who we are

Trinus notum was founded based on the experience and self-conception of the founder to extend the conventional consulting approach of analysis and concept development by including operational implementation and tracking of sustainability into our key aspects of service.





Our counseling is based on operational experience. It is our challenge to enable clients to turn opportunities into real value-added business. We don’t only eliminate problems along the operational value-chain but start at the very beginning with the definition of the corporate strategy and targets. We perform fully detailed benchmark analysis and define jointly with you the required measurements and actions.

A key aspect of our service is, following the detailed analysis, to operationally support clients during the implementation phase, thus, ensuring sustainability of the improvement project.



Mutual trust, respectfulness, and confidence are the basis of any cooperation between Trinus notum and our customers. It is only under this precondition that (process-) changes can be driven and implemented, successfully.


Only those who have been in charge as decision makers, themselves, know how entrepreneurs and senior executives think and are capable of giving them advice.

We don’t only create the master plan for improvement with you. We do also go along with our client during the operational implementation and ensure the sustainability of measures through repeated status monitoring.

Your success is our success. Therefore our remuneration model is strongly based on overall improvements achieved jointly with our client.

The Head

Peter Harbig

Managing Partner

Peter founded Trinus notum GmbH more than 10 years ago and has offices in Bad Essen and Hamburg. He has more than 30 years of experience in the automotive industry and gained his experience as a manager and CEO at various large public companies and family businesses.


Peter not only attaches importance to personal advice, but also to the personal implementation of the projects. He has advised various SMEs on strategy, development, innovations, operational improvements, restructuring and interim management. Among other things, Peter accompanies M&A processes with his know-how and network.

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