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Network + CRM + Market Knowledge + Technical Expertise  =

Trinus notum Business Development & Sales Office

Best-Cost Country Networks

In today's competitive market conditions, it becomes increasingly important for global companies to build up and use supplier networks in best-cost countries (BCC). Furthermore, China is nowadays not the only solution to every problem, having the price/performance ratio in other countries also as very attractive; with delivery time and reliability as main arguments.

Often a collaboration between SME and BCC fails due to trivial points in the daily business. Therefore, before adding a new supplier into our representative’s portfolio, we assess and advise these companies, under the premises of financial power, technology, quality, price/performance ratio, among others, with the eyes of a potential customer.

With a wide network and substantiated knowledge of the German market, professionalism, German mentality, and more than 25 years of experience in top management positions, Trinus notum GmbH represents foreign medium sized specialized companies in Germany; establishing the interface between our business partners and their customers.

Trinus notum represents companies from China and Turkey in the following areas:

• Tool shop for metal forming tools

• Mold shop making for plastic injection molds

• Pressed sheet metal parts and assemblies

• Plastic injection molded parts with surface finishing

• Series cast parts made of aluminum, cast steel, cast iron

• Small series parts also in sand casting: machine beds, stands, shut-off valves, etc.

• Gray and cast iron for machine, pump and system builders

• CNC processing

• PCB circuit boards

• Stamping / fine stamping

• Steel construction

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