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Philosophy of the 360° company evaluation system

WURF is an acronym coming from the German expressions used in the context of company evaluation. The system was developed by Trinus notum GmbH and its partners based on 25+ years of experience in top executive management as a holistic system to generate a full 360° one-stop shop company evaluation. Following the full system supplier principle of the modern (automotive) industry the partners evaluate in close cooperation companies from the industrial, service and trade sector with Trinus notum GmbH acting as the „one face to the customer“.

Using our operational, hands-on management experience we „translate“ the raw data of (financial) figures and numbers into a detailed evaluation of risks, opportunities and potentials including a comprehensive analysis of strengths and weaknesses with concrete proposals of actions.

The Approach

WURF is a comprehensive, integrated toolbox to analyze SME companies. Starting from the initial stage, the evaluation of all aspects is executed in fully coordinated manner to generate a complete 360° view


Financial Audit

Operational Analysis

Legal Audit


Balance sheet, budget figures, profit, cash flow, financial due diligence


Operational due diligence, USPs, market, strategy, globalization, cost optimization

Corporate law, supplier & customer contracts, details of ownership, intellectual property, product liabilities

Credit lines, banks, loans and warranties, cash flow, mezzanine, government aids

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