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Network + Experience + Structured Process + PMI =

Trinus notum M&A-Support

The Approach

Based on our operational, hands-on management experience, we "translate" the financial indicators into possible operational actions. We create a detailed assessment of opportunities, risks and potentials, including a strengths/weaknesses analysis with specific fields of action.


We support companies during a sales process, especially in the areas of strategy, USPs, market and cost optimization and represent the seller side. We use our operational experience to optimally prepare or support your company for a sale-process.


Our focus in the area of ​​M&A and our cooperation with the buyer side lies in the consultation and assessment of the operational performance, the strategy orientation as well as the product and service portfolio of a possible acquisition. In addition, we actively support the entire post merger integration process at your request and ensure optimal integration of the company to be taken over into the target group. If necessary, we provide interim management during the integration phase.

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